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Sweet Home Whiskey


We are here to define what makes an Alabama whiskey. Our’s is a blend of 75% sweet corn, 21% rye and just the right amount of malted barley to provide a smooth finish. This young whiskey is less about aging than about a proprietary filtering design that not only complements the traditional American whiskey profile but gives it a style all its own.

Our whiskey is a bourbon-style mash bill that is finished with varying American toasted oaks to bring a bouquet that is presented within our bottle. We spent well into a year perfecting the profile that we have, and we could not be more proud of the quality that we’ve achieved. Our 90-proof whiskey is as smooth as can be and puts the sweet in Sweet Home Whiskey.

Sweet Home Vodka


Our 100% corn vodka is three times filtered after a 10x distillation process. We have put a lot of time and distillation to make our vodka as smooth as can be and we have really created a nice product. In fact, blind tastings have shown Sweet Home Vodka as the preferred spirit over other highly considered premium brands. This is largely due to the time and extra steps we take in distillation. This extra effort removes any lingering vodka after taste that often taints other premium brands.

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