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Sweet Home Spirits is currently contract distilling out of Dread River Distilling Co in Birmingham, AL.

Visit this wonderful facility and see the amazing products Dread River has to offer and you’ll understand why Sweet Home Spirits has found a happy home at DRDC!

Bars & Restaurants (TO BE CONTINUED)

Vodka Bottle

Sweet Home Vodka

Quality in vodka comes with patience and due-diligence.  We filter our vodka 3 times and distill it 10 times to bring you a buttery mouthfeel and a perfectly timed finish.  100% proudly sourced American corn.

750 mL -- 80 Proof

Sweet Home Whiskey

With upfront notes of vanilla and sweet corn, this American Whiskey also brings you the supple sweetness of maple syrup balanced by beautiful notes of earth, spice, and a hint of smoke to make your taste buds celebrate.  Sweet Home accommodates this younger whiskey with lightly charred French and American oak chips and a proprietary finish that makes this whiskey so, so smooth!

750 mL -- 90 Proof
Whiskey Bottle