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Sweet Home Spirits Turns 1!

May 24th, 2022 was the one year mark for SHS, so Austin Creel and Carl Baldone celebrated it by releasing the 2nd batch of their Alabama-Style ‘Sweet Home Divided’ whiskey.  

Soon after the Sweet Home Divided Release, Austin began preparing two new products that will be on shelves in August, the Sweet Home Campfire Whiskey and Sweet Home Limoncello.  Be on the lookout for these products!

“At Sweet Home Spirits, the greatest gift we’ve received this year is to have the continued support of our customers!  We’ve enjoyed making many new friends that are willing to hop on this Sweet Home Storyline and we hope to continue championing Alabama in the wide world of spirits.  We’ll continue trailblazing a path but will never forget our way home to Alabama!”

− Carl Baldone and Austin Creel

On May 5th, 2021, Sweet Home Spirits started with just 2 ABC Select Spirits package stores and have now grown to be in over 150 package stores across Alabama.


Sweet Home Spirits has an Etsy Page!

Our Sweet Home Founder, Sthefanny Hincapie, has been crafting some Sweet Home items that we believe will be a great addition to the spirits line we’ve made for our customers!


The Brand

Alabama has always played an important role in America’s pantheon of pop culture. Alabama football – Roll Tide. Forrest Gump, the Swampers of Muscle Shoals and, of course, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama –perhaps the most iconic song of the South.

But through all those years, she’s never had her own whiskey, well, legal whiskey, that is. Lotta stills in those hills, but until 2015, not a single distillery. All that changes now with the introduction of Sweet Home Spirits.

Sweet Home Spirits Bottles

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